3 Hair Accessories for First Communion

3 Hair Accessories for First Communion


Veils are always a staple when it comes to hair accessories for communions.

What I love about them is, that you can attach them to any accessory, like flowers, crown, Tiara, hair combs, or headband.

Veils are also very versatile, they can be trendy, classy or vintage style.

Your imagination is the limit!


Headbands can be styled in different hair styles, and will always add a nice and elegant touch.

Headband are a simple, yet a stylish piece. It can be designed in any kind of material, fabric, metal, polymer, beads and crystals, etc.

Embroidered Headband


First communions are that opportunity that girls have to dress and feel like a princess. And nothing better than adding a tiara to the outfit of the day.

Tiaras are classy, adding the luxury and style to compliment the dress.

You decide how much shine and bright you want to add to you special piece!.


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